Colombia: FSRU in Cartagena unleashes controversy in the sector


FSRU Cartagena: As reported by Portafolio, a draft resolution of the Ministry of Mines and Energy puts into question in one of its sections the operation of the regasification plant of SPEC (Sociedad Portuaria El Cayao) Barú, which sparked a controversy in the country’s gas sector.

The document states that at the beginning of this year “the Technical Group of the Coast did not dispose of the volumes of LNG stored in the regasification plant for the generation of electrical energy due to restrictions, causing serious questions about the reliability of this infrastructure”.

On this, sources consulted by Portafolio indicated that the plant is conceived as a backup, which seeks to guarantee a greater supply of natural gas and thus supply the demand for energy through the thermal, even in times of crisis, regardless of the event.

Before the explosion of several energy towers, the Caribbean coast was on the verge of a blackout because the support did not enter, arguing that stocks were restricted.

Spec’s manager, José María Castro, confirmed to the Portafolio newspaper that since the beginning of its operation, the regasification terminal has proven to be a reliable and secure backup for the system, since it has always had 100% availability since the beginning of the tasks.

“Six vessels with 567,000 cubic meters of LNG have arrived and in 2018 we have delivered approximately 6,500 million cubic feet of natural gas to our customers,” he reiterated.

In addition, the guilds come to the defense of the regasification plant,
“The Cartagena regasification plant has fulfilled the country. It was built and paid for by the electricity sector to replace the polluting and expensive generation with diesel by clean generation with natural gas, especially at times when the country needs it the most. The Caribbean Coast did not have rationing, since this infrastructure supported the fuel needs, “said Orlando Cabrales Segovia, president of Naturgas.

Source Portafolio

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