European Commission seeks EU solidarity on migration

Migration by sea

Recently, the European Commission has presented to the European Union on September 12, 2018, three new proposals to ensure full solidarity on migration and better protection of Europe’s external borders.

“We can not continue discussing to find ad-hoc solutions every time a new ship arrives, temporary solidarity is not good enough, we need lasting solidarity, today and always more,” said Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission. ensures World Maritime News.

These three new initiatives were presented a week before the Informal Meeting in Salzburg and constitute a concrete contribution to the discussions that EU leaders are expected to have on migration.

They are intended to facilitate a global commitment on the ongoing reform of the European Union’s asylum system. In essence, today’s proposals set a new level of ambition for the European Coast Guard and Borders and the EU Asylum Agency, reinforcing both to ensure that Member States can count on the full operational support of the entire community to any moment.

The Commission also proposes to improve the effectiveness of return procedures, updating existing EU rules on return and establishing the next steps in legal migration, an essential component of a balanced migration policy.

“The new operational branch of the European Coast and Border Guard of 10,000 EU staff members and a reinforced EU Asylum Agency will ensure that EU solidarity is delivered effectively on the ground, wherever and whenever necessary. We provide the Member States with the necessary tools to agree on the overall reform of the EU asylum system and strike the right balance between solidarity and responsibility, and it is time for them to comply with this commitment, “said First Vice President Frans Timmermans.

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