DIMAR: Tropical Storm Iota Update

Tropical storm Iota

According to the press release No. 49 of November 15 from the General Maritime Directorate (Dimar) and through the Caribbean Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research Center (CIOH), it reports the current ocean-atmospheric conditions that occur in the Caribbean Sea:

Hurricane Iota (Category 1) is generating sustained winds of 70 knots, that is
130 km / h, and gusts of up to 85 knots, equivalent to 158 km / h, in addition to a
storm surge of more than 4 meters moving at a speed of 5 knots in
direction west.

The system is expected to intensify rapidly in the following hours until reach a category greater than or equal to 3, according to the intensity scale of Saffir Simpson hurricanes with sustained winds greater than 96 knots, equal to 178
km / h.

Likewise, it is noted that the system has a direct path towards the Island Providencia, where the greatest impact is expected; however, it is reported that Iota will have impact on all the islands of the San Andrés archipelago, including the islands Cayos del Norte, where in the next 12 to 36 hours heavy rains and
persistent, accompanied by electrical activity.

In this area, the increase in wind speed is also expected, which will go from 35 to 40 knots, and variation in the direction and height of the swell which will oscillate between 3.0 and 6.0 meters.

DIMAR [FOTO]-HURACÁN IOTA Heigth (mts) and path of the waves
DIMAR [FOTO]-HURACÁN IOTA Heigth (mts) and path of the waves
Due to these ocean-atmospheric conditions, it is recommended to maximize safety measures in navigation and the development of maritime activities on the areas of incidence of the cyclonic system. In the same way, all vessels stay away from the center of the hurricane.

The National Maritime Authority will continue to constantly monitor the ocean-atmospheric conditions of the Caribbean Sea, in order to timely inform the maritime union and the community in general.

The general public is invited to consult the meteorological reports published daily on the website of the Colombian Maritime Authority (www.dimar.mil.co) and on their social networks @DimarColombia.

Source DIMAR

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