COLOMBIA: Tender for Buenaventura Regasification Plant would be on February 15

It is waiting for the publication of the specifications by the Upme in February.


According to Caracol Radio, the economic unions of the port of Buenaventura, asked the Governor of the department, to intervene if on February 15 the tender for the Regasification Plant of the Port does not appear.

Edwin Maldonado, Executive Director of the Integremial Committee of the Valle del Cauca department (Colombian department where Buenaventura is located) , said they are waiting for the specifications to be published by the Upme in February, taking into account that the call should have come out in the second half of 2019.

He added, “If this is not done, we will have problems after 2024 and we will not have energy. Additionally, in the Colombian southwest there are the highest energy costs and this (the regasification plant) could even reduce energy costs by half in terms of gas ”.

As is known, the Buenaventura Regasification Plant is one of the eight strategic projects in the country to guarantee gas supply and one of the macro initiatives in which economic unions and departmental government have worked together.

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