COLOMBIA: SOS San Andrés y Providencia ¿How to help?

COLOMBIA SOS San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina Huracán Iota

Today we share together with Canal Institucional the need of our brothers and the call of solidarity for those who have lost everything. The northern part of Colombia is going through one of the greatest crises in its history. The devastation caused by hurricane Iota, category 5 (highest rating in the potential damage ranking) has greatly affected San Andrés and Providencia. After the incident, hundreds of families have been affected, after losing their homes and businesses, in addition to being almost completely isolated. The risk of disease hunger and further complications increases by the hour. So please help us spread the word and help those in most need.


According to the presidency of Colombia, the island reports a percentage of infrastructure damage of more than 98%, and one person confirmed dead so far.

The Providencia Hospital was completely destroyed, with its supplies lost and the need for urgent intervention, to be able to attend to the hundreds of wounded left by the hurricane.

Additionally, the airport is flooded and its runway full of rubble, which has made it difficult for humanitarian flights to arrive with the resources and elements collected.

In San Andrés, the rains have flooded entire neighborhoods and devastated houses, shops, and health centers in their wake. The inhabitants of the island woke up this Monday without power and with several avenues blocked by falling trees and debris.

FullAvanteNews invites you to help people affected by Hurricane Iota in San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina, sharing information about foundations and organizations that have created mechanisms to collect donations.

Cruz Roja Colombiana

With the #UnidosPorProvidencia and #ColombiaTeNecesita campaigns, the Colombian Red Cross is taking action to help San Andrés and Providencia. She has met with members of the Government, managing to confirm the allocation of $ 200 million for operating expenses to transport the aid.

They are also receiving donations, both through bank consignments and in kind.

Find out all the information by entering their website or through the Banco Davivienda Check in Bank Account No. 455-069996490

Mercadolibre has joined the Red Cross, which has made its Mercado Pago transfer system available to facilitate different mechanisms for moving money online. You can donate by entering this link:

Pro Archipiélago y Rotary

The non-profit organization Pro Archipiélago, which works for the well-being of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, has set up a savings account and different collection points in the main cities so that people who wish to can help the victims.

“Our volunteers need us to equip them with elements and tools to be able to clean the island, we need to equip the shelters with food and we only do that with money, because there is no ship that will arrive on the island in less than 48 hours,” he said Farid Zardibia, director of Pro Archipiélago.

The authorized account number is 34800000675 from Bancolombia Swift code COLOCOBMXXX, in the name of the Pro Archipielago Foundation.

You can also help through virtual means, with the option of the Wompi system, which allows you to transfer any amount of money from anywhere in the world through this link:

Volunteer Network for Victims of Hurricane Iota

Also know the collection points, which different volunteers have enabled, to receive product and spares donations. So far there are points in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Cartagena, Ibagué and Cúcuta. Items such as medicines, sheets, mats, towels, clothing, tents, flashlights, batteries, candles, face masks and non-perishable foods are being received.

The foundation @proarchipielago is in charge of monetary donations. Please find in the below images the address to deliver the products for donation.

Radio Nacional supports communications

Since most of the islands of San Andrés and Providencia are out of power or communications intermittent, Radio Nacional de Colombia opens its microphones and lines to serve as a communication bridge between the inhabitants of the islands and their families in the rest of the country and abroad.

Phone lines in San Andrés: (098) 513 11 75 and 512 10 86

National free contact line: 018000118959

WhatsApp line: 320 348 60 82

Source El Canal Institucional

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