COLOMBIA: Santa Marta Port targets offshore operations

SPSM - Santa Marta Hidrocarburos

A press conference held at the facilities of the Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta, Luis José Morelli, president of La Agencia Internacional de HIdrocarburos, ANH, reported on the actions that are planned to carry out offshore exploration in the Caribbean Sea. Therefore, the Santa Marta Port targets to supply the offshore operations.

The search for hydrocarbons in waters of the Colombian Caribbean Sea in offshore development, offshore, was reactivated by the National Hydrocarbons Agency, with the signing, so far, of six exploration and production contracts with the largest companies in the industry Worldwide.

Therefore, the Port Society of Santa Marta is on the radar of this new offshore dynamism, which directly impacts the economy of the Caribbean region, especially the District. Basically, the operation requires the location and they can supply to the demand logistics services offered by the Port of this city.

According to Morelli, there are ports that go from the coast of Córdoba to La Guajira, but which, being an open sea, offer the possibility of handling operations from any port that offers a suitable and qualified service, among which is the Port of Santa Marta.

yIn order to begin the explorations, the ANH is in the management of the drilling license for an offshore well, which would be categorized as the deepest that has been drilled in Colombia with an investment that reaches one hundred million dollars.

If the Port of Santa Marta is positioned as the main site for exploration activities, the companies would establish their headquarters in the city’s Free Zone, generating employment, economic activity, equipment investment, purchase of materials, food services, thus activating the economy of the region. Taking into account that before the conclusion of such a contract, the contractual and legal requirements of hiring local, qualified and unskilled labor must be met.

“Before starting the offer of blocks, the due process of coordination and attendance ordered by the Supreme Court must be carried out, so we will have a meeting with the governor of the department to show the areas that the ANH intends to offer. Any activity that is carried out must be carried out in strict compliance with environmental management standards and full respect for neighboring communities, under surveillance and supervision by local and national authorities, ”explained the director of the National Hydrocarbons Agency, José Luis Morelli

In the proposed areas that will be presented on September 23, there are four new offshore blocks that are located off the coast of Magdalena. The offers will begin to be received from October 31. At the end of November, the awarded companies must be established. it is expected to have established the companies that obtained the award benefit. In turn, seven blocks with gas potential will be offered in the lower valley of the Magdalena department.

Source El Informador

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