COLOMBIA: Puerto de Cartagena responds to Investigation of the Impala SAS Case

Puerto-Cartagena CONTECAR vs IMPALA

According to Caracol Radio, “Biosafety Protocols are mandatory”: Puerto de Cartagena to Impala SAS. The company maintained that the conflict with Impala Terminals originated from an alleged intention to violate sanitary standards. In recent weeks, the Transport Superintendency of Colombia announced the start of an investigation into Contecar’s actions on the commercial activity between the port and the company Impala Terminals Colombia SAS, which denounced that “between May 20 and 24, 2020, CONTECAR unattended or denied service to the tug “Impala El Banco” from docking at the port. ”

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The Puerto de Cartagena group reported through a press release that during its existence it has served all its users professionally and efficiently and has proactively contributed to multimodal transportation in Colombia.

“The case in question refers to a debate that has to do with the need to comply with the existing regulations on maneuvers for approaching the Port, as well as with health and biosafety regulations and applicable protocols under the declared state of emergency. in the country, ”said Puerto de Cartagena.

The company stated that in the past there had already been a conflict with Impala Terminals for pretending to breach the obligation of having assistance tugs for the approach, docking and departure operation, thereby undermining the safety of people, the port facility and other boats. “The Port has insisted over and over that the application of regulations and laws is not optional,” they said.

Now it is included in the debate the fulfillment or not of the obligation of the owner of the boat and the Captain of the same, to receive the visit of the DADIS doctor at the time of docking, to comply with the biosecurity protocols established by the authorities against COVID-19, in order to verify the health conditions of the crew and prevent the spread of the disease in the port community and in the city of Cartagena.

“The sanitary standards imposed by the sanitary emergency decrees are not of voluntary compliance. They are mandatory. Acting against them, recklessly, would entail violation not only of basic port regulations but of national and local regulations, conduct that could even have criminal consequences, ”argued Puerto de Cartagena.

Source Caracol Radio

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