Colombia: Puerto Bahía inaugurates enlistment center for vehicles in Cartagena

With this, Puerto Bahia increases its capacity of daily cars


Puerto Bahía terminal in Cartagena Colombia inaugurated a new and modern Enlistment Center for vehicles entering through the logistics terminal, allowing to increase its capacity to receive vehicles for Extra-mile services to 60 vehicles per day

This new and modern Enlistment Center has 500 square meters, 16 specialized positions for enlistments and 4 washing positions. Specifically, Extra-mile services will be provided, which consist of mechanical diagnosis, beautification, washing, polishing, paint booths and many more services so that vehicles arrive at dealerships ready.

Puerto Bahía is today the main import port for Ro-Ro (Roll On – Roll Off) rolling cargo in the Colombian Caribbean, handling 63% of the region’s cargo.

Operation efficiency
Puerto Bahía is the main center for import and distribution of vehicles in the country, which with its efficiency and extra-mile services, has allowed the logistics chain times to decrease significantly in the last year. Today the Port has established more than 20 frequencies of shipping lines, which have significantly reduced their maneuver times per landfall.

New projects to develop
As part of its 2020 expansion project, Puerto Bahía plans to build more Enlistment Centers for Extra-mile services. In this way, the Port seeks to remain at the forefront of port innovation and for the benefit of Colombia’s automotive logistics chain.

Roll on Roll Off  operation (Ro-Ro)
· Mobilization of 106,000 vehicles
· Attention to more than 340 ships
· Rate of 0.01% of load failures
· Ability to drive 100,000 vehicles per year
· Largest transshipment operation in the country

Source Caracol Radio

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