COLOMBIA: Foreign trade is guaranteed during mandatory preventive isolation

COLOMBIA: Foreign trade is guaranteed during mandatory preventive isolation

Although COVID-19 is already in the national territory with cases in the most important port cities of Colombia, given the Decree 457 regarding the 19 days of mandatory preventive isolation established by the government it further allows export and import operations to be carried out during that period of time.

In the framework of the health and economic emergency, the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, Laura Valdivieso Jiménez, during the Virtual Trade facilitation meeting and the Logistics and Efficiency Committee of Modes highlighted that the suggestions generated by the representatives of the private sector and the authorities related to foreign trade were taken into account when establishing exceptions.

In this way, foreign trade activities by ports, airports and border crossings would be guaranteed. Likewise, the transportation, storage and logistics for the import and export of cargo and products will be guaranteed. Additionally, it specifies that domestic air transportation will be allowed for the transfer of merchandise.

Taking into account isolation Decree 457, the supply chain of sowing, harvesting, production, packaging, import, export, transport, storage, distribution and marketing of inputs and products of the agricultural sector is contemplated as an exception. Additionally, the import and export operations of hydrocarbons, liquid fuels, biofuels, natural gas, and minerals are taken into account.

Nowdays, regarding export restrictions, the Government, through decree 462 of last March 22, establishes a list of 24 products that may NOT be exported during the next 6 months as they are necessary to prevent and contain the economic emergency. , social and ecological generated by COVID-19.

The products include alcohol, soap, toilet paper, gloves for medical use, medicines for human use, disinfectants, damp cloths and towels, antibacterial gel, various types of face masks and some medical equipment. Likewise, rubber gloves, protective glasses, electrocardiographs, vital signs monitors, neonatal cribs, ventilators, respiratory devices, respiratory protection masks, X-ray equipment, beds, and stretchers.

Source El Tiempo

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