COLOMBIA: Contecar under investigation for refusing to provide service to Impala SAS

Impala SAS Magdalena multimodal

According to Dinero, The Transport Superintendency announced that they will be opening of an investigation to the Cartagena Container Terminal (CONTECAR) for allegedly unjustifiably refusing to provide the port public service.

The investigation was initiated by the Transport Superintendence after a complaint from the company Impala S.A.S. in the last weeks.

According to the version of the plaintiff, Impala company, the Terminal de Contenedores de Cartagena S.A between the 20th and 24th of May prevented the tug ‘Impala El Banco’ from docking at the port.

“A country that has more than 23,000 kilometers of rivers cannot afford to lose navigable spaces for the transport of people and things. For the first time we are focusing our actions to support river transportation, especially on our most important river, the Magdalena River, ”said Transportation Superintendent Camilo Pabón.

The ‘Impala El Banco’ vessel was moving from Barrancabermeja along the Magdalena River with more than 160 containers and after crossing the Canal del Dique it had to reach the Cartagena Container Terminal to disembark the cargo.

The company will be investigated for allegedly denying the berthing of the boat “until the Impala S.A.S. I would not have accepted various requirements imposed by the terminal, “said the authority.

Another part of the investigation will lead to Contecar denying the provision of information to the Superintendency in the investigation process.

“Multimodalism is a priority in the transport sector, and the Superintendency will ensure that this purpose is not frustrated,” said Pabón.

The Company could be suspended, intervened or even fined with an equivalent of up to 35 days of gross income from the Port, calculated based on its income from the month prior to that in which the fine is imposed.

Freight transportation along the Magdalena River, crossing the Canal del Dique towards the city of Cartagena, “has special relevance for multimodalism in our country,” concluded the Transportation Superintendent.

Source Dinero

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