UPDATE COLOMBIA: Captain of berthed Container Ship killed on board in Cartagena



In an unexpected update about the story of the killing of a Captian of a berthed Container ship in Cartagena, According to El Tiempo, a Colombian nationally distributed broadsheet daily newspaper with the highest circulation within the country has shared the Hamburg Sud’s Agent in Colombia has publicly informed that an `Intruder’ reportedly had assassinated the Master and denies sailor’s crime at the hands of its own crew.

According to Maritime Bulletin, the Attorney General’s Office of Cartagena, and The General Directorate of Maritime Colombia (DIMAR), announced on Apr 18, will carry out the investigation of ship’s Master death. His body was found at around 1700 LT Apr 16 on reportedly, main deck, while the ship was berthed. Colombian authorities, therefore, are now legally responsible for conducting investigation and all respective actions which may come necessary, to find culprits and pursue justice for the death of Capt Myo Tun Zaw.

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According to media reports in Colombia, on Thursday, April 16 around 18:00, the crew of the merchant ship Spirit of Hamburg, under the use of the German shipping company Hamburg Süd kills its captain Myo Tun Zaw, 50 years old and from Myanmar (Burma) in Cartagena.

According to the Colombian Attorney General’s Office, the incident occurred when the ship was docked at the Sociedad Portuaria de Cartagena (Manga).

Now, despite the fact that the media in Colombia share the authorities’ version, they only agree that the murder was perpetrated by the crew members and that it was the product of a fight or mutiny.

According to the Maritime Bulletin, the administrator of the ship Zeaborn Ship Management and his crew are interested in sharing the version that those responsible for the Master’s murder were intruders that boarded the ship.

Who judges?

The Colombian media deviate as to the country of the flag of the ship. El Tiempo mentions in its German flag holder, on the other hand, RCNRadio reports that it is a ship with ‘Hamburg flags’. Conversely, W Radio grants the Captain’s nationality to the ‘Burmese-flagged’ vessel. nonetheless, according to MarineTaffic and VesselFinder the real flag of the ship would be the Isle of Man. Likewise,  Maritime Bulletin states that the Colombian authorities have no intention of investigating the murder and assuming responsibility since according to UNCLOS (Convention on the Law of the Sea of ​​1982), any crime on board the Spirit of Hamburg would be under the jurisdiction of their flag state. the flag state would have the responsibility for the investigation and prosecution. “The situation is quite complicated, because if the Colombian authorities refuse to investigate, then the official investigation will technically be a big, almost insoluble problem.”

Finally, the investigations will continue over the weekend, and a pronouncement from the Colombian Attorney General’s Office is expected throughout the week.

Source RCNRadio ElTiempo WRadio

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