CMA CGM launches the world’s first 23,000 TEU ship powered by LNG


This is a world first: the largest Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-powered containership in the history of maritime transport was launched in Shanghai on Wednesday, September 25.

It is the flagship of the CMA CGM Group and takes the name of the Group’s founder; the CMA CGM JACQUES SAADÉ  has a capacity of 23,000 TEUs (Twenty Foot Equivalent) and is fully powered by LNG.

A major technological breakthrough that illustrates CMA CGM’s commitment to energy transition.


An innovative choice reflecting our ambition

THE FIRST 23,000 TEU LNG-POWERED VESSEL-Dolphins- Coming soon

In November 2017, Rodolphe Saadé decided to make CMA CGM the first shipowner in the world
to equip its nine future 23,000-TEU vessels with engines powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).

With LNG, the Group has made a ground-breaking choice that goes beyond current and future environmental regulations.

In 2022, the CMA CGM fleet will include 20 LNG-powered vessels, including:

•9 vessels of 23,000 TEUs (delivery from 2020)

•5 vessels of 15,000 TEUs

•6 vessels of 1,400 TEUs, of which 3 have already been delivered to Containerships, the Group’s intra-Europe expert subsidiary.


What is LNG ?

LNG is a clean energy, currently considered as the least polluting type of fossil fuel. A substitute for fuel oil, LNG reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves air quality by limiting polluting emissions.


Why did we choose LNG for our vessel ?

A real technological breakthrough contributing to environmental protection, LNG offers the following benefits over existing fuel oil-powered ships:

•Reduction of up to 20% in CO2 emissions;

•99% reduction in sulphur emissions;

•99% reduction in fine particles emissions;

•85% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions.

In addition, the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), which measures the environmental footprint of a vessel, is improved by 20% compared to a conventional vessel.

The result is a reduced carbon footprint and improved air quality, particularly for populations living in coastal areas and in port cities.


An unprecedented shipbuilding method!

A world first, the CMA CGM JACQUES SAADE is built around the tank which will contain the 18,000 m³ of LNG required for round-trip voyages on the Asia-Europe routes on which the ship will be operated.

Included in the structure of the vessel itself, it has an internal stainless steel coating to resist the extreme temperatures (-161°C) at which it will be maintained. This is an essential condition for keeping the LNG in its liquid phase, which allows it to occupy 600 times less space than in its gaseous phase.

Two layers of insulation and a second membrane further envelop the tank and are fitted with high-technology sensors to ensure optimum LNG storage conditions and to meet all safety requirements.


An innovative and optimised architecture.
The CMA CGM JACQUES SAADE will also feature cutting-edge innovations to optimize its energy efficiency through improved hydrodynamics. The bulb has been seamlessly integrated into the hull profile and the bow is straight. The propeller and the rudder blade have also been optimised, along with the Becker Twisted Fin.

An exceptional livery designed for LNG vessels. 
Like other vessels in the series, the CMA CGM JACQUES SAADE will be painted in special livery proudly displaying the words “LNG POWERED” as a reminder of the major global innovation represented by LNG propulsion on ships of this size.


The CMA CGM JACQUES SAADE, a ship of exceptional size!

The first in a series of nine new 23,000-TEU vessels which will join the CMA CGM Group fleet from 2020 and will be flagged under the International French Registry (RIF).

General information Technical information
Delivery date: first half of 2020 LOA: 400 m
Service: French Asia Line Overal beam: 61 m
Owner/Operator: CMA CGM Type of vessel: cellular
Year built: 2020 Reefer plugs: 2,200
Flag: French Engine: CMD-WinGD 12X92 DF
Nominal capacity: 23, 112 TEU Maximum power rating:  63,840 kW


Source CMA CGM

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